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Health Consequences of Depression and Anxiety

“The feeling of depression is deeper, longer, and more unpleasant than the short periods of unhappiness we all have from time to time.” – BBC

Anxiety and depression are serious mental illnesses that can bring about a huge impact on your life. In these conditions, there are the obvious feelings of fear and hopelessness, but there are also plenty of other consequences on the body as well. Read the following information to be enlightened:

An anxiety disorder is indicated by an extreme response to situations that are perceived as threatening, although they might actually be harmless in reality. The physical symptoms linked to it usually include sleeplessness, headaches, constant tiredness, and irritability. There might also be instances of profuse sweating, being on edge or easily startled, nausea, and even frequent trips to the bathroom.

Depression is often marked by a delayed response to negative situations. Some of the indications that signify that someone is suffering from this condition are fatigue, recurring headaches, loss of interest in sex, insomnia, increased or decreased appetite, and continual digestive problems.

Many individuals who are unable to cope with these conditions may often resort to alcohol and drugs as a way of combating their own feelings of helplessness. If you are currently experiencing depression or anxiety and you want to find your way out of such a rut, get in touch with Adam Cumberland now.