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Curing the Fear of Dying with Hypnotherapy

Phobias are highly debilitating mental conditions that can weaken a person’s resolve to perform any task. They give emphasis to our survival instinct, instigating that our constant exposure to danger can give negative effects. For one to survive, one should not be subjected to stressors. One of its rarest but strongest type is thanatophobia – the fear of death. Because of the uncertainty of the afterlife, some people lose sleep at night wondering if they would still be able to wake up. Fearing death can cripple your lifestyle as it has the possibility of dominating your entire existence.

One of the most highly suggested cures for thanatophobia is hypnotherapy. This operates on the basis of controlling your emotions thus disciplining how you perceive things. It is a noninvasive procedure, and could involve:

1. Guided imagery
A hypnotherapist has to make the client imagine relaxing scenes to induce comfort. To situate patient in a hypnotic state, anti-anxiety techniques are incorporated in the regimen. Relief of anxiousness is considered the first step in the healing process to ward off negative associations.

2. Identifying the problem
Stressors are certain items that bring about the phobia. To determine how to remove the trigger, one has to learn what causes the fear. A series of interviews will reveal the true nature of the situation. For instance, the hypnotherapist would find out that the patient fears not their death, but the death of those he love. Or the therapist would discover that the client is not afraid of death but of the unknown, of the sense of nothingness, or of how it feels to be chewed on by maggots.

3. Gradual exposure to stressor
Under, a series of sessions focusing on the step-by-step presentation of the patient to the stimuli, complete with the course one has to take to overpower the stressor, will then be conducted. This will be repeated as often as tolerated, until the patient completely overcomes the fear. For instance, a client in a state of hypnosis will be guided through various visual scenarios of death. He will be taught how to fight back, with the wanted outcome snapping out the fear.

4. Works regardless of the phobia you have
It is proven to be effective in all types of fear.

Hypnotherapy can speed up the treatment of thanatophobia, giving control back to your hands. Now you can live life to the fullest the safe and easy way.

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