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Are You Stress-Free? Take the Test

Your health can be likened to an investment. You spend money and effort to keep it robust, yet risks are just lurking around the corners, waiting to pounce when you are at your weakest.

Now one of the most common causes of sickness is stress. Not only does it hurt you physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. You have to admit though, that the problem is worse when it already affects your mental wellness. That is why you need to know just how frustrated or depressed you are. That way, you will be able to cure any issues before they escalate.

Are you always angry and irritable?

If it happens once or twice, then you are still sane. But if your outbursts cannot be counted by your fingers, including your toes, then you are likely to be suffering from something serious. Also, if your reasons for getting mad are irrational, then you should seek counselling or therapy immediately.

Are you losing sleep or appetite?

While there are many causes that lead to such feelings, going for days without a satisfying nap or food is downright crazy. Well, that about sums it up. Surely, you do not need other people to tell you that there is something wrong with you.

Do you feel the need to be in control all the time?

You end up arguing with your family, friends, and colleagues, because you have suddenly become a control freak. Worse, you want to do things your way but end up not accomplishing anything at all.

Do you prefer to isolate yourself from others?

Not having friends is bad. But severing any ties with your family is so wrong. But hey, you could be depressed and anxious, which is why you prefer to keep to yourself. Keep in mind though, that you need company when you are most lonely.

If you say yes to most of these questions, then you should not delay in making an appointment with a hypnotherapist.