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Top Schools in the UK to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

So you have just graduated from your secondary education? While other students are very excited to earn their bachelor degree, there are others who suffer from first day of school anxiety. Even adults may suffer such condition depending on the factors that contributes to the disorder. Some factors may include separation, social pressure, and many others. However, you do not have to worry. If you want lasting relief Adam Cumberland’s London Clinic can help you break free.

While this article will take care of your college choices, here they are:

    1. University of Cambridge – It is one of the oldest university in England, but one of the most prestigious school in the region. It started as an association of scholars in the year 1209. Today, of all best universities in the world, they raked as the first in 2010 and 2011 according to QS World University Ranking. The school has produced numerous Nobel Prize graduates.
    2. University of Oxford – It is the closest competition of the University of Cambridge and ranked as one of the best in the world of academics. It is also one of the oldest schools in England. The exact foundation date of the institution is still unclear, but there are claims that its teaching history dates back in 1096.
    3. The University of Edinburgh – It is founded in 1583, and is considered as a public research university just like the above mentioned institutions. It is located in Scotland and is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It ranked as the 6th and 7th in Europe and 20th in the whole world, according to the QS Rankings and Times Higher Education Rankings in 2011.
    4. University College London – It is situated in London and is the largest constituent college of the federal University of London. It is established in 1826; it is also the first to accommodate students in Europe regardless of their cultural beliefs. Among its alumni, 26 have received Nobel Prize awards.

The above mentioned institutions are the top in the UK where you can earn your degree. If you have already conquered those angst, you can proceed to the enrolment process.