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Hypnobirthing from Adam Cumberland A calm & healthy way to give birth

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Hypnobirthing is a method that expectant mothers use today in order to help them cope with the pain of childbirth. It basically makes use of hypnosis to remove feelings associated with fear, anxiety and pain. During the last trimester of pregnancy, expectant mums tend to get fidgety and fearful about the big day and this method offers a way of dealing with those concerns so that stress is kept to a minimum.

Before we go into the specifics of hypnobirthing, here are a couple of quick facts about hypnosis that will help you.

All forms of hypnosis are self-hypnosis. This means that your therapist only serves as a guide. Entering the hypnotic state is purely up to the individual. It is all about the will power.

When you are in the hypnotic state, you are neither asleep nor awake. This method taps into the subconscious part of the brain. You can “come out” of this state any time you wish to do so.

A common myth is that people that are weak minded or easily persuaded are easier to hypnotize. It is actually the other way around. A person that is strong willed gets hypnotized earlier because they have a more conscious control over their own mind.

Hypnosis and giving birth

Studies have shown that hypnosis has been used in performing numerous medical procedures for patients that are allergic to anesthetics. Hypnosis can help patients get through surgical procedures to help them manage pain since the use of tranquilizers and sedatives are not an option. The same principle or method can also be applied for childbirth.

Through the use of hypnosis, the mind can be taught to relax in order to have a higher threshold for pain. Discomfort and pain can be kept at bay when a person reaches a hypnotic state. When an expectant mother is able to achieve this, she can feel more relaxed hence less pain is felt during the birthing process. The key to achieving this level of relaxation lies with actually rather little daily practice.

The Benefits of Hypnobirthing

The most obvious upside with the use of this method is that during labor, you will need very little to no drugs at all. This makes the childbirth process as natural as possible, which is beneficial for both the mother and the baby since you are minimizing the possible side effects that anesthetics may have on you and your newborn.

Another advantage of our hypnobirthing, you are able to train your mind to reach a calm state so that when it is time to go into labor, you won’t feel scared or panicked about what’s about to come.┬áIn fact, you will be looking forward to it.

In summary

The use of hypnosis provides a means for expectant mothers to enjoy the genuine beauty of natural birth. It eliminates the unwanted effects of drugs and puts surgical risks during the procedure to a minimum. More importantly expectant mothers can break free from any negative associations that society and television has created and instead feel confident about the process and feel a genuine feeling of joy and excitement about this great event.

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