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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Disclaimer – Results can vary from one person to another

30 Years of OCD No More

“I’ve lived with OCD and its various manifestations for nearly 30 years and its legacy of wasted years, unhappiness, despair and hopelessness. I have been on medication on and off and have been through a number of different therapies. Adam taught me how to manage my OCD by learning and applying behavioural and cognitive methods (how one acts and think).

Adam helped me find the courage, determination and commitment to achieve – I felt I had a break-through . It was a powerful experience and I would recommend anyone who finally wants to take charge of their OCD and lead a ‘normal’ life to contact Adam at his London Clinic.

Thank you Adam for your help and putting the fun back into my life.”


Knowledge to Cope

“Well, I can only begin by saying I am a healthy, happy young women with a future ahead of me which I never thought would ever be the case, having spent time in a clinic and the past 3 years in long term dependant therapy I am now living every second and every moment and I am very optimistic about my future.

From a small child I remember having routines and rituals that I would relentless have to go through to get me through the day. I know many individuals experience these feelings as a child and gradually they subside but mine never did. In fact they became more intense as I grew older. I lost weight and became very ill and washed my hands so many times they would bleed all day.

I made contact with Adam through a friend of a friend and with great trepidation made an appointment to see him. He inspired me from the start with his honestly, compassion and understanding.

I had two sessions with Adam and through his knowledge and experience I am now a stable happy person. The OCD is under control and I know the signs that will alert me to a problem but now have the strength, knowledge and understanding to keep it at bay.

OCD for me is now a horrible part of my past. I have the memory but no longer the negative feelings thanks to the help that Adam has given me.”


OCD – Living in a Bubble

“My life was painfully difficult and I existed in a bubble of control. I could hide nowhere and OCD consumed my life. I checked and rechecked things and lost faith in my own judgment. I constantly washed and changed my clothes. My OCD was managing me and was out of control and feeling suicidal.

It’s hard to imagine that you think of yourself as a normal educated person but here you are being succumbed by these ridiculous rituals that hold you as a prisoner. I have been on many courses and to be honest some have been very helpful but mostly the OCD always won the battle.

This was four years ago and I can now say that I have never felt better in my whole life.

Through sifting through the many therapies and clinics I came across the name of Adam’s Cumbreland’s London Clinic and from the very first meeting I felt a sense of hopefulness. Adam’s personality was warm and he was upfront and open. He listened intently which to me is very important and his wisdom and knowledge of the subject was amazing.

He was confident he could end this nightmare once and for all. On leaving his clinic after that first visit I felt more hopeful than I had been in years. I am now happy with who I am and the OCD is a thing of the past.

Thank you Adam for showing me the light.”


Avoidance Trip

“I have suffered from OCD since 1993 and have received therapy for much of this time. Whilst “talking“ has provided support, insight and self-awareness the OCD has never completely gone away.

In 2004, I made contact with Adam at his London Clinic and his compassionate approach to OCD and cognitive thereapy resonated with me and on day one I made some important and tentative steps.

He made me begin to understand the rationale behind the therapy and I felt so much better that this was a therapy that did make a real difference, but did I continue to take Adam’s advice? No, I cheated to avoid pain and anxiety.

I was on an avoidance trip and using therapy as a “sweetner” – an excuse not to confront the real problems and put the work in. When Adam explained this to me and I listened to his wise words my spirits were lifted and the road back to a healthy mind was in sight.

I am now at last enjoying my life and thank you Adam for your patience and knowledge in getting me through a difficult time.”


Disclaimer – Although the majority of our treatments are one long single session, on occasions depending on the individual requirement, an additional session could be required. This would be estbalished in the initial phone consultation so the client has absolute clarity before commencing with any treatment.