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Fear of the Tube and Underground

“Adam just to let you know I have used the underground at least ten times and did not feel at all panicky or stressed. The very first time after our one to one session I went home and decided that the next day I would take the train. To be honest that first journey was slightly stressful but not enough to stop me embarking on the trip. I remembered your words of wisdom and now feel confident on every trip. As I explained to you this has been a phobia for many years and I have travelled twice the distance in trying to avoid the tube and underground.  I thank you for all your help in freeing me and allowing me to get on with my life.  I now live with an attitude of gratitude.”

Katie 29 from Surrey

Fear of Spiders – Eradicated in 90 minutes

“I must admit I was a bit sceptical but after planting out my troughs and baskets the other week and having two big spiders scuttle out from underneath and right by my legs I didn’t even flinch. I was with my partner and he thought this was so amazing for someone who would normally have run away screaming or physically sick and sweating profusely. I can hardly believe it myself.”

Thanks Gina and Partner

Fear of Dentist

“In one session you have helped me so much. I had such a bad experience of the dentist when I was a child and have harboured this fear for years. I have now been to the dentist and have had treatment every week for a month and I can now say that I am totally free of that agonising and unrealistic fear. As a man this was a debilitating fear which I had hid for years. So happy and thank you. Am now able to be macho man again.”

Robert 46 London

Fear of Flying

“I had not flown for many years which meant I was unable to visit close family members who live abroad. I made an appointment with Adam at his London Clinic and in 2 hours I was able to book a flight. On the first flight I got myself worked up but by using his strategies and breathing techniques I was absolutely fine. On my return journey which was twelve hours in duration I was so proud of myself. The flight was very bumpy but I got through it with Adam’s help. My family and I are so grateful that we could enjoy a holiday together. Will definitely do it again thanks to you. If anyone is facing this sort of problem just try one session with Adam and the results will speak for themselves.”

Derek 34 from New York