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What Does it Take to Have the Edge in Life? Discover how to Operate at Your Peak Performance on Demand at Any Time

Firstly – Have you every experienced these two comparisons in your life. On one occasion you felt truly in the “zone” and believed you could handle anything in that particular moment or indeed felt you were invincible and could do no wrong – an automatic reaction of ease, confidence and self esteem.

Secondly – Have you ever experienced the complete opposite mindset whereby you felt depressed, fatigued, bored and unbelievably unmotivated.

When you experience these comparisons it would be unreasonable to believe that your technical ability or understanding had changed in a short period of time. It would be more likely that psychological changes were being experienced and responsible for the debilitating changes in mindset.

These changes occur through certain processes taking place within your brain and body. In order to call up and bring to the surface the positive side of these two emotional outcomes, techniques can be learned and applied to summon on demand at a specific future moment in time so you can have the edge when you need it most.

  • Have you ever wanted to achieve more?
  • Do you believe you have what it takes to be the best in your field?
  • Are you courageous enough to make that stand?
  • Are you willing to do what it takes to lead others?

Its takes two things

1. Decision

2. Knowledge

Although you might think consciously that you can be the best – Is your subconcious sabortaging you without your knowledge?

To be successful you of course need intelligence, knowledge, time management skills, good communication and a certain amount of charisma. In this day and age so many people have all these attributes so what will give you the edge over others?


You have a great car with a full tank of petrol, a super charged engine, surround-sound music system and a good set of tires, paintwork is polished to perfection and the interior is like your favourite 5 star hotel and there it stands proudly in the driveway – The car is full of incredible potential. However, until the driver sits behind the wheel, puts the key in the ignition and ignites the engine the car will not function. The key to your true potential is your mindset.

Peak Performance Psychology

This is an area of psychology that focuses upon the factors that allows individuals and organisations to achieve their aim of being the ‘best of the best’. It demonstrates how to be successful by developing the pure strength and power of your mind and to encourage practice of these psychological skills every day to ensure peak performance in whatever area of life you wish to excel.

Over the last decade peak performance psychology has evolved with positive and successful results bringing excellence to individuals in all areas of their lives. Psychology is used regularly today in enhancing the abilities and achievements of individuals from all walks of life, whether it be in business, sport, politics or simply individuals wishing to achieve excellence in their chosen field.

I have spent a great deal of my life understanding the mindset of successful people and exploring those magic moments of their success and have devoted much of my time to studying high achievers.

My techniques used at my Harley Street Clinic and seminars in peak performance psychology underpins the individuals performance in achieving excellence and is a perfect grounding for those wishing to excel in life such as entrepreneurs, politicians, leaders of companies as well as ambitious individuals that wish to have the edge in life.

At my London Hypnotherapy Clinic I give one to one sessions on peak performance psychology to individuals who aspire to excellence and leaders of companies who need help in not only motivating but in guiding and inspiring their people.

Breakthrough to Peak Performance

I refocus individuals thoughts and beliefs and behavioural patterns to address certain business or personal objectives and to ensure they take personal responsibility for their actions which will ultimately result in a desire to experience fresh approaches and take constructive action.

Peak performance psychology encourages people to consider new ways of interacting and working alongside their counterparts and to question their perceptions of what could be possible which will ultimately improve their business and profitability, excellence in people management and a positive culture culminating in an increased competitive edge.

Achieving Peak Performance

To achieve peak performance when speaking to a room full of people or when giving presentations there are certain principles that will improve your effectiveness.  Failure to perform at peak performance at those crucial times will most often be due to negative unconscious beliefs or ignorance regarding success principles. The following points regarding peak performance should assist you in becoming successful:


When you eradicate rubbish from your mind the space will automatically fill with something else so list things you are willing to abandon whether they be old dreams or ideas, dated materials, ancient notes and data you thought you may use at some time in the future. Abandon anything you no longer use. Trust your instincts and move on. It takes courage to clean out the old but this is a positive action to move forward.


When we are happy to share and give to others we begin the cycle of receiving and the statement known to many as ‘what goes around – comes around’ will start to happen. This applies to business as well as in our social life and you will discover whatever we share with others in some way good will come back. Donate time or a service for free or organise a free workshop or free consultation.

Personal Excellence

Each person has the potential to obtain success but unfortunately all too many individuals unknowingly will undermine themselves through lack of unconscious self belief which is the core and foundation to being the very best in your field. The difference to being the best or second place is often so little. An olympic athlete can train for years and come second place with the winner winning by just milimetres. That winning edge can only be achieved with the mind.


Having a powerful memory is critical. Our sub-conscious mind is holding information the equivalent to volumes of books whereby our conscious mind is only holding the front cover of just a few books. Being able to download information on demand from our sub-conscious mind to our conscious mind is of great importance.  I will personally show you how to access your bank of information.


It is a known fact that a successful person is one that contributes their time or their talent to others in some way or another to better the world around them. We are all unique and each of us has something to contribute on whatever level to make a difference. When your beliefs and values are aligned then one can contribute to others on a huge scale whilst simultaneously achieving success for yourself.  This is when life truly becomes fulfilling beyond words.

When I made the decision many years ago that I would strive to be the best in my chosen field I knew I had to give more to others. I got involved in giving motivational talks to children at schools to ensure they stayed on track with their studies. I imparted my knowledge and experience onto others by helping team leaders of international companies stay focused on their goals and realise their tasks and ambitions. A memorable day for me was realizing my dream of practicing my profession in Harley Street which has now become my reality.  I now want to help you to achieve your true potential.

I will create for you a self-awareness of peak performance state which you can trigger on demand at the appropriate and given moment and when this is practiced you will experience a feeling of excileration like never before.

Whilst I offer a FREE support structure after the treatment – 96% of clients have only one session. Can you imagine living a life with no limits? Imagine at those crucial moments in life being able to step up and deliver with flare and passion; where others are overwhelmed by your confidence and good intentions and can not help but to follow your lead. These kind of results take a decision, but only you can decide.

I know you are not looking for mediocre or just ‘ok’ results. ‘Ok’ results are easy – just follow the masses which at best get average results. I know you are reading this because you are looking for ‘exceptional’ results like all my other clients that have taken that first step by attending my sessions.

No More Excuses

We can all too often make excuses and not take action in the moment for the things that we really want. “I will later” or “I will tomorrow” but “later” and “tomorrow” never actually arrive. Do not keep dreaming of what you want. Make it your reality.

I have personally worked with hundreds of people to get on top of their chosen profession and achieve their personal goals – and now I want you to be next.

To book your FREE phone consultation with myself Adam Cumberland Pick up the phone TODAY or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I sincerely look forward to the pleasure of meeting with you.

Kindest regards.  

Adam Cumberland GHR MNLP

Stress to Control

“I wanted the best. I wanted a Harley Street Hypnotherapist. I discovered Adam. As you know I work in a fast moving and highly demanding work environment where I am constantly striving to meet a plethora of customer demands, often in extremely tight timescales and at the beginning of this year I also found myself facing a major issue in my personal life.

Thanks to you Adam I feel I am in control again. Your advice was so valuable and I have continued with your strategies of living life in the present moment and less of it worrying about the past or the future. Every day I remember the key principles you taught me with regard to breath awareness and relaxation.

Like you said the present moment is the only moment we have. I am now in control of my stress levels and for the first time in my life I find I am responding to the challenges that face me rather than reacting to them.

Thanks for all your great help”

Alex 42 years

Stress – a thing of the past

“Thanks to one session with this Harley Street hypnotherapist it has enabled me to take hold of the reins of my life again and make a new start. I was angry, self-absorbed and in constant conflict with the world around me.

I believed that I was usually right and others were usually wrong and thanks to you I have learned to like and look after myself whilst developing compassion for others. I am now experiencing a profound and reassuring peace which is bringing happiness into my life. I am now more self aware and able to get a grip on stressful situations.”


Confusion to Contentment

“I always felt stressed with life – You have deepened my understanding of how to be more content and effective. Life can be so unsatisfactory at times and you have given me excellent tools to get to grips with stressful situations and life’s challenges.

I have also found that this hypnotherapy has also enabled me to have a much deeper appreciation of what life has to offer! Personally since our session I found my understanding deepened on both an emotional as well as an intellectual level and has helped me make decisions and act on what I have learned from you. I am a living a happier life.

Adam – You’re a star.”

Ian London Hypnotherapy Clinic

Stressful Situations to Constructive Solutions

“I lost my lovely father a while back and also have a stressful job with two small children. I have always been in control of my life (or so I thought) but found I was spiralling out of control. I was tired and emotional and making wrong decisions.

Everything seemed to be caving in on me and there were not enough hours in the day to work through the problems. I know when I came to you Adam I was an emotional wreck and felt quite embarrassed the way I spurted out all my problems but you were very compassionate and listened intently and had great empathy.

It was clear you had heard this type of story before and you gave me clear and concise practices to follow to lower my stress levels and enable me to cope. I had no idea that hypnotherapy could be so powerful.

As you said you couldn’t take the problems away but you certainly showed me how to cope with these stressful situations in a calm and constructive way. I still have a busy life but I no longer process this as stress instead as a healthy challenge.

I count my blessings every day for meeting with you.”

Ava Hypnotherapy London

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