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Testimonials & Praise

Lorrains Story – Multiple Issues Gone + Bonus in one 3 Hour SessionDear Adam,

Thank you for seeing me, it was quite an experience!  but in a good way, and I thought I would send my first update. I can honestly say I have not eaten one single cake, crisp, dessert,  pudding, chocolate, or biscuit since my session, and i have no desire too. I have lost 10lbs in the last three weeks!  

I went on a holiday to France, which would normally be an excuse to eat all sorts of junky food, not so this time, I actually lost weight on holiday! Amazing!

Other positives have occurred as well, I have been able to let go of the bad & negative feelings regarding my father due to the abuse when I was young.

I have stopped biting my nails and I have used the lift in the hotel on holiday, not just once around 15 to 20 times, my claustrophobia is gone!!

As a bonus I have always been terrified of storms, and sat on the balcony in France and watched the lightning over the Marina on our last evening there.

Amazingly I am not so scared of spiders as I used to be either, I still don’t like them but am putting some of them out alive now instead of doing the girlie scream and hoovering them  up with the dyson. In the garden with gloves on I actually picked up a spider and threw it in to the neighbours garden, it is all really strange. My partner keeps asking what have you done to my head, and seems as baffled and happy as I am with these positive changes you created. I thought I was aware of all you were saying when I was “under” but time seemed to get lost as I could not believe it was so long. What ever your magic is I am truly grateful for it and for finding you on the Internet that day. I feel blessed.

I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, Adam, for all that you have done. I feel better now than I have in a long long while. It was so lovely to meet you and although I was nervous you were so gentle and understanding, one of the kindest men I have met.

Will update you again as progress continues.

Kindest regards


Disclaimer – Although the majority of our treatments are one long single session, on occasions depending on the individual requirement, an additional session could be required. This would be estbalished in the initial phone consultation so the client has absolute clarity before commencing with any treatment. Results can vary from one person to another.

Social Anxiety Gone in 3 Hours – Geoff’s Story

There was a particular client called Geoff who was plagued with social anxiety to such an extent he felt uncomfortable around other people and was clearly losing his will to live – he was fast becoming a loner in life by isolating himself from others.

Geoff was recommended by a friend to make contact with Mr Cumberland’s London Clinic and therefore scheduled a free consultation to see if Adam could help. This man spoke with him for about 45 minutes and then felt compelled to go through ACs 90 minute tailored process.

Geoff said

“When leaving the clinic, I felt very different. I looked down the street and saw lots of people but they didn’t concern me, it was weird…it’s like the problem had disappeared. I felt like a weight had been lifted, I felt light. I wanted to test it out further. I walked into a coffee shop and engaged with staff, this was certainly a huge breakthrough for me. This was 3 years ago and I’m now happy and in a great relationship with a beautiful women and I owe this all to you Adam. I can’t thank you enough. You have a gift my friend”

Geoff Richards from Kensington, London.

Barbara’s Weight Loss Treatment – Notice the positive side effects

Hi Adam.

I hope your well?

Thought it was about time I emailed you regarding progress since I saw you in April. Things are great, my wedding was a truly wonderful day.

About my weight.

Things are going really well, and everything has really just ‘clicked’ into place, I have lost just over 2.5 stone and already feel so much better, I am eating properly for the fist time in four years and enjoy eating an evening meal with my family.

I eat 3 small meals, realise and appreciate when my body tells me I am full (never felt this before) very rarely clear my plate and you’ll love this bit now – have NO desire to eat anything sweet.

Food is no longer on my mind all the time, I do not binge and I enjoy cooking and eating a healthy balanced diet, the difference is amazing and I so wish I had hypnosis years ago, I had used weight watches, slimming world to name but a few and although they gave some result it was not long lasting and never addressed the issues I had.

I have also come off the medication I was taking for my degenerative disk problem, and my back is so much better and the long term pain that I suffered with on a daily basis has now all but gone. I have a new improved all round quality of life.

I even eat at work now mainly soup and fruit, but this is a vast improvement as I never normally used to eat and would then snack when I got home and after 14 hour shift that was not a good habit.

You truly are an inspiration and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my family and I, my kids can now grow up with a mum that has a normal relationship with food and will not grow up with the food issues I did, which was a huge concern for me.

My heartfelt thanks to you

Kind regards and best wishes for your future

Barbara – Mum of two and full time nurse

Social Anxiety – I use to be house bound

“I found it difficult to even leave my home and barely spoke with people I had known for years. Social anxiety phobia had me in its grips but thanks to the support of AC I now have a wide social network, many wonderful close friends and have started a new career as a Secondary School Teacher.

A profession I would never have imagined I would have been able to cope with a few years ago. I still have moments of anxiety but recognise that this is part of life and not all of my life. I now in total control my life and anxiety no longer controls me.

Through Mr Cumberland I have met some amazing people which has opened my eyes to all the good things in life. I found the courage to telephone Adam and within one hour and a half my life changed.

The fear has gone and life is now good thanks to Adam.”

Alex 25 from Essex

Speaking Anxiety Eradicated

“I NEVER believed I would overcome this public speaking phobia which was devastating to my career. I am now a more positive and proactive person and this has increased my confidence in every aspect of life. I now have total belief that I am in control.

It’s a magnificent feeling and I now it’s here to stay. Be assured Adam many of my colleagues will be contacting you having witnessed the change in me! Thank you so much.”

William – Surrey

Stress to Control

“As you know I work in a fast moving and highly demanding work environment where I am constantly striving to meet a plethora of customer demands, often in extremely tight timescales and at the beginning of this year I also found myself facing a major issue in my personal life.

Thanks to you Sir I feel I am in control again. Your advice was so valuable and I have continued with your strategies of living life in the present moment and less of it worrying about the past or the future. Every day I remember the key principles you taught me with regard to breath awareness and relaxation.

Like you said the present moment is the only moment we have. I am now in control of my stress levels and for the first time in my life I find I am responding to the challenges that face me rather than reacting to them.

Thanks for all your great help”

Alex 42 years from Cornwall

Stress – Gone

“Thanks to one session with you it has enabled me to take hold of the reins of my life again and make a new start. I was angry, self-absorbed and in constant conflict with the world around me. I believed that I was usually right and others were usually wrong and thanks to you I have learned to like and look after myself whilst developing compassion for others.

I am now experiencing a profound and reassuring peace which is bringing happiness into my life. I am now more self aware and able to get a grip on stressful situations.”


Confusion to Contentment

“I always felt stressed with life – You have deepened my understanding of how to be more content and effective. Life can be so unsatisfactory at times and you have given me excellent tools to get to grips with stressful situations and life’s challenges.

I have also found that this hypnotherapy has also enabled me to have a much deeper appreciation of what life has to offer! Personally since our session I found my understanding deepened on both an emotional as well as an intellectual level and has helped me make decisions and act on what I have learned from you.

I am a living a happier life.  Adam – You’re a star.”

Ian from Central London

Stressful Situations to Constructive Solutions

“I lost my lovely father a while back and also have a stressful job with two small children. I have always been in control of my life (or so I thought) but found I was spiralling out of control. I was tired and emotional and making wrong decisions. Everything seemed to be caving in on me and there were not enough hours in the day to work through the problems.

I know when I came to you I was an emotional wreck and felt quite embarrassed the way I spurted out all my problems but you were very compassionate and listened intently and had great empathy. It was clear you had heard this type of story before and you gave me clear and concise practices to follow to lower my stress levels and enable me to cope.

I had no idea that hypnotherapy could be so powerful. As you said you couldn’t take the problems away but you certainly showed me how to cope with these stressful situations in a calm and constructive way. I still have a busy life but I no longer process this as stress instead as a healthy challenge.

I count my blessings every day for meeting with you.”

Ava from Italy